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Plumbing Services
Including CIPP


Do you have cast-iron pipes? Re-line the pipes without having to dig up your floors!

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We are a team of Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, AND Roofing Contractors, which means we can draw the plans and start building the project right away! And because all of our work is permitted and approved by the County, you wont have to worry about receiving violations or fees from the County.

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and Repairs


Has your property been damaged by weather? Or maybe you might be looking to renovate your old kitchen. We can help in all of those situations and much more!

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Licensed and Insured


Wheather you're buying a new home, or need a simple Mold Inspection, we can provide all types of inspections. Our Licensed Home Inspectors will provide a computer generated 30 page report just for you.

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Erin Knight
I had a very bad leak which resulted in mold on multiples floors in my home. John and Dustin from AAA Construction were knowledgeable, trustworthy and VERY professional to work with. They really went above and beyond in correcting the problem and making the process as smooth as possible for my family. They found that the project needed a little extra work and did not charge extra. They kept their original estimate. They provided a competitive estimate. Were available to answer any questions about it. Never rushed me on the phone. Showed up as promised. Tried to minimize the number of days we had to be out of the home. Kept to their original estimate. Overall were friendly, helpful and easy to work with.
Dana Krempels
Our house, built in 1954, probably never had a complete roof replacement. It was high time. We got five different bids, asking each contractor what it would cost to take the roof down to the bare wood and completely replace everything, adding a thick layer of foam/fiberglass insulation and a reflective topcoat. A lot of the fascia board was rotten, and needed to be replaced as well. We asked that any rotten wood discovered at the time of replacement be replaced, and we also replaced six large skylights. All vents were replaced, new fascia board installed, and new gutters on two sides of the house. Southern Florida is a challenging place to do roofing in the summer because of the weather. From the first day, Dustin Anderson was completely up front and honest about the difficulties and chronic delays we might face, which were completely reasonable and understandable (I don't want roofers topside in a thunderstorm, either!). One of the most impressive things about AAA Construction was Dustin's constant honesty and incredibly fast responsiveness. If I noticed a small problem during construction (e.g., a rotten fascia board that had been missed for replacement), all I had to do was text him, and literally within 15 minutes he had contacted his crew and let them know they had to fix the problem. And they always fixed it, cheerfully and properly. A few little glitches along the way are to be expected with any project this big. But every single little glitch was corrected quickly and without stalling or making excuses, largely because of Dustin's incredible sense of ethics and professionalism. Case in point: When we unpacked the skylights, I was dismayed to find that they were bronze-tinted, rather than clear, as I had requested. But as it turned out, the only time I requested that was when we did the initial walk- through of the house, and we didn't actually write it down in the contract anywhere. Dustin could simply have told me "too bad, so sad." But did he? NO. He immediately got on the horn to various skylight manufacturers and within a day he had me talking to the manufacturer (in Texas!) in a 3-way teleconference so we could discuss the merits of each color of available skylight lens. I ultimately settled on white, which I hadn't even known was available at the time. Dustin then not only scheduled the lens replacements at my convenience, but also *completely covered the cost of the replacements* (more than $1200). How many contractors would do that? All the men on the work crew were professional, nice folks who were very willing to make special adjustments as we worked along through this big job. I felt completely comfortable with them on my property. They showed incredible respect for my rescued animals (I run a rabbit rescue and have both wild and domestic rabbits who can be very stressed by loud noises and strange voices), and were always considerate and kind.) They made a point of inviting me up to inspect their work, if I wished to see it, and also pointed out the absence of termites. I was interested to hear some of their stories of finding extensive termite damage in some of the older roofs they'd replaced, and how they had been careful to alert the owners to the problem so it could be addressed. (But I was grateful to learn our house didn't have that problem!) Just one extra little bonus showing how meticulous and observant the crew was. Because of the constant rain, we had to wait a bit for a dry spell to apply the final, reflective top coat. But Dustin was in constant contact throughout the wait, assuring me that he hadn't forgotten, and would have someone out to do it as soon as the roof was dry enough. And the first time we had a decent dry spell, the job was done quickly and professionally. The finishing touch was the gutter work. He sent out two different contractors, and let me choose the one who seemed more knowledgeable about the work. The gutters were done quickly, and are absolutely beautiful. Dustin has some really top-notch subcontractors, and the gutter expert was certainly one of them. Our back yard used to flood mercilessly with the slightest rain, but the gutter crew analyzed the lay of the land and installed a perfect system to send all the drainage to the low-lying pond. We're extremely pleased with the results. We've since weathered some major storms (Sandy!) and we stayed dry and happy underneath our beautiful new roof. I have no doubt it will last us another 20 years. I recommend AAA Construction without reservation, and *especially* Dustin Anderson, the supervisor. He was always helpful, honest, prompt, responsive, knowledgeable, and just an all-around nice guy to work with. We'll be doing some major upgrades on the house in the future, and I look forward to working with AAA again.
Todd Simonson
This job entailed roofing, painting, engineering, mold restoration, drywall work, insulation, electrical repair, plumbing etc. Nearly every phase of the home construction business was required. I am a realtor who handles bank owned properties. One property that I was responsible for had suffered extensive fire damage. Once the bank who owned the property made the determination to get the property fixed AAA Construction and Restoration Services was contacted to provide a bid and then was ultimately hired to do the job. Dustin Anderson of AAA provided an extremely detailed estimate, not to mention explanations for what was going to be done and why. Additionally, he laid out a precise timetable for the bank. Not only did he keep to the timetable, he actually finished the job early AND on Budget! I was responsible to work with Dustin Anderson, as the bank’s eyes on the project. I was able to witness firsthand the metamorphosis this property underwent from sitting as a burnt out damaged property to a model home. The photos which I have included hopefully will capture the transformation. This job entailed roofing, painting, engineering, mold restoration, drywall work, insulation, electrical repair, plumbing etc. Nearly every phase of the home construction business was required. Both I and the bank could not have been happier with the job that Dustin and AAA did on this property. Finding a contractor in South Florida who did what they said they would do, when they said they were going to do, AT the price they said they were going to do it for is AMAZING.
Jacquelyn Cue
I am a REO agent doing bank foreclosures and have used this company for over 3 years. They always go beyond the call of duty when providing a service for me. I am more than happy with the quality of their work. The owner John is an awsome man full of integrity. This is the go to company for all of your construction needs !!!!!!!!! Exterior and interior paint, pressure clean and repaired stucco, replace rotted wood borders on windows, drained pool and acid wash, refilled pool and provided chemicals, removed old roof and installed new, repaired wooden fence and spray painted, installed smoke detectors.
Jose Del Solar
Very professional, clean work, everything was covered in my kitchen to work on the roof inside the house, looked like a surgery room in a hospital. Dustin from AAA Construction is a very friendly and helpfull person, they did the siding at my house also and it is a great work.Very happy, Thank you Dustin.
Miguel Garate
Roof repairs/Roof replacements/ Drywall work as wll as Mold remediation. New flooring and new kitchen installations.Electrical repairs- Plumbing repairs. Central AC installation and cleaning. Clearing of zoning violations and closing permits Plans/Permit issues with the County.. Interior and exterior painting- Exterior Landscaping- Architecture services. Very trustworthy and reliable service by a team of Professional individuals. I have been using this company for several years now and their level of satisfaction is outstanding. Quick turn around times- Estimates are reliable and very competitive. They listen to your concerns and take care of what you need done. Once the work is completed they pick up and clean up after themselves, I have never had any complaints and highly recommend their services to anyone needing them.Glad to know I can count on AAA Construction and Resroration Services.Electrical repairs
Heide Rice
I had a leak a few months ago supposedly repaired by another roofing contractor. It wasn't sufficient, and when I saw the pictures inside the attic ( I don't climb up in there!) it was pretty obvious what a sorry job had been done. Rather than deal with that company I bit the bullet, found AAA on Angie's List, was very pleased with their straightforward description of the problem and what needed to be done, and have been very satisfied so far with the service and workmanship. I definitely plan to hire them for any future roofing needs - hopefully none for awhile! As above. They were very neat. They had to take off a number of my concrete tiles in order to replace rotten wood underneath as well as some flashing around the chimney. Unfortunately they could not find new tiles to match the ones on my roof so had to paint the new ones - the only disappointment. Otherwise overall an excellent experience.
Mike Tucker
We noticed a leak/very damp patch on the garage ceiling which was already going black (mould). I contacted 3 rooffing providers to provide estimates and picked AAA Contruction and Restoration because their price was in the middle and importantly for us, they could begin work within 2 days. (We had visitors coming from Europe who were staying the week with us) First they came out and removed some roof tiles and found where the leak was. Then the same day, they repaired the roof and closed it up. This estimate also included cutting out and replacing the bad/mouldy sheetrock in the garage ceiling and I was to pay about $300 extra later to have someone repaint the garage roof. Within a few days, they did a nice job replacing the mouldy sheetrock (and they also tidied up another leak that had caused a damp patch on the garage ceiling I had a few years ago from the air- conditioner overflow). I worked mostly with John and he was pleased we'd chosen them. Ultimately the $300 for painting the ceiling was waived, I just provided the paint. The painter did a nice job and within about a week from the start everything was looking good, ready for my visitors. After the repair, we had quite a bit of rain from Storm Sandy and everything is looking good. As described above, it went very well. They were able to start the job almost immediately and finished within a week. The staff were good about calling when they required access and it was a complete job including removing the bad sheetrock and painting the whole garage ceiling. Also they were good about the price because I choose them, and the free labor for the ceiling paint was a nice little gift for us. Just the normal (sensible) do's and don'ts as you would with any contractor. Do your homework/research on Angie's list. Establish the work and the cost and the time frame and the guarranty and make sure it is all documented and agreed too. Even though they do clear up after themselves, roofing work and drywall work does make a mess and a lot of dust, even though they put plastic covers over items in the garage. Expect to have to do a small final clean up yourself, if you are fussy , like me. Finally a week or so went by and no phone calls or the bill so finally I called them to pay them. They were very pleased and gave me another $50 off. Overall, a very good experience and I have a 1 yr warranty, ready for next summer rains.
Antonio Penate
Repaired and/or replaced about 80 tiles in our roof, and also fixed a leak near the flashing (outside of the house). We bought our house in May. The inspection report showed that there were minor repairs needed in the roof (due to the cracked tiles and the small leak). Out of the blue, our insurance company (wind) sent us a cancellation notice because we hadn't repaired the roof! We had in fact made arrangements with another roofing company but the insurance company insisted we had to get it done by the 24th of July or coverage would be cancelled. The other roofing company could not complete the work before the 24th of July. In a bit of a panic, we went to Angie's list and found AAA under roofing. I spoke with John on the 19th of July and explained the situation to him. He said he'd take care of it - and they did! It'd been raining a lot recently and I know the company was swamped... but they came by on that very day to estimate the work, and the crew came on Saturday to do the job. They did a great and thorough job, photographing before/during/after and enabling us to get the insurance policy reinstated before it expired. I am very grateful to them for their responsiveness and the quality of their work. Both John and Dustin were excellent.
Wendy Wood
I had just bought an old house in Dania Beach (Ft. Lauderdale area) that had the worst roof which the home inspector had ever seen, that was still functioning as a roof. When I moved in and the first torrential "rainy season" storm hit the water came running through the roof into the kitchen, like a river. I had already met AAA Construction through a "home show" in the Miami area where I met "Dustin" who had roof samples on his display table. After a nice talk I looked up AAA Consruction on Angie's list and the comment was good. So in the excitement of my flooding floor I decided to hire AAA Construction. Dustin of AAA Construction was awsome! He was my roofing contact. He was polite, explaned everything I questioned, and whenever I telephoned him either he picked up the phone right away or called me back within a few minutes. I always felt in touch with what was happening. I signed the contract. Gave him a $500 deposit. He arranged all the permits in ONE day. I have to say that Dania Beach Permit Division was FAST too! I gave Dustin another $5,000 toward the roof. The roofers arrived right on time as did the dumpster. The old roof went off and the new one went on. The roofers were very polite and cleaned up all their mess regularly. The only delays were due to Florida's incredibly rainy season, not the roofers. When the job was done, Dustin got and gave me the closed permit. I gave him the final check. Then it rained like crazy and the new roof kept my little old home dry dry dry.Yes, I would recommend them! 100% EXCELLENT! I highly recommend AAA Construction for roofing.
Gabriel Bodner
I can't begin to say enough about the service I received. I have had inspections done before but the Inspector that came from Dade Home Inspections really went above and beyond in explaining to me what they were doing and pointing out what was right and wrong with the house. Great communication, gave me the inspection report later the same day, answered follow-up questions I had and ended up saving me from buying a bad house. These guys were so professional from my first phone call to the owner John Walters to the inspector who actually came out and did the inspection. I would highly recommend them compared to the other guys I have used.
Dave Roberts
I called Dade Home Inspections because I was buying a home. They cam out the next day. There were 3 inspectors checking out my home. They check it for everything. it turns out the first home had Chinese Drywall. Had I bought this home without checking it would have cost me a fortune. I got out of the first deal and made another offer on a different home. This one had had zoning violations. Dade Home Inspections Helped me close out the violations,they inspected the home and saved me a lot of head aches. thank you.
Cat G.
John saved me from Inspection cost. I called over a dozen inspection companies to get quotes and scheduling for a city required 40-year inspection for my triplex. Everyone who called back got the details: the building has 3 apts. Only John, though, informed me - Hey, you have a 3-unit? You're not required to get this inspection. He gave me the ordinance number and amendment. I called the city, and sure enough, he was right. Thanks John!
Dade Home Inspections is great. John was recommended by State Farm i called within a couple of hours my inspection and mitagation report was completed and emailed to me. I saved over $3800 you guys are awesome i will recommend you to everybody i know. In these economic times this was a blessing. THANK YOU
Goss Family
EXCELLENT WOULD RECOMMEND. It is so hard to find a person who still believes in old fashion Customer Service, much less one that compeletes his task with utmost professionalism, deligence and pride. We were lucky to have found this company on line. They restored our faith in Good Honest Service. THANK YOU
Henry Brulay
I received about 6 estimates, all from Angie List suppliers. John's quote, although not the cheapest was very competitive. We talked about timing and materials. John came over on a number of occasions and brought over samples of the materials he would use. He also assured me that his crew would be quick and clean. I was concerned about timing since it was the rainy season. The work started after about 2 weeks of rain delays. Overall, the crew was very quick, clean and courteous. They took care not to damage the rain gutters that I had recently installed even though it clearly stated in the contract that they were not responsible for damage. Some of the soffits and eaves needed to be replaced due to water damage. But, I was not charged additionally for those repairs. John took care of all the permits and inspections. The entire process was turn-key. He also provided me with a mitigation report after the work had been completed in order to get a credit from my insurance provider. Overall, we are very happy with AAA Construction and Restoration Service's work and would recommend them to friends and neighbors.
Cristen Oliver
After searching for months for a good construction company and after receiving many estimates, we decided to try Angie's List. It was there where we discovered AAA Construction. As we look back, we realize that we made the right decision. We spoke to many businesses and personal friends who are in the construction business, who were willing to help in offering a good deal for the work we needed done. We had many options to choose from. After evaluating all of our options, including price, we decided to give the job to AAA Construction. We had no option but to stay in the house while the work was being done, We knew this potentially would be a somewhat difficult, especially because we had several dogs and other pets in the house as well. The construction crew was always extremely professional and accommodating and they always made certain they worked around our schedule and made every effort to make the work as convenient as possible for us. The workers were very polite and professional. Bottom-line, they were awesome!! The quality of the work was also superb! Several friends of mine who are also in the professional construction business, were very impressed by the high quality of the work craftsmanship displayed. Every aspect of each job performed was done with a high regard for quality and professionalism. On several occasions during the work, a few unexpected problems came up. AAA Construction simply resolved the problems without causing us any stress at all. It was awesome. They just fixed it like pros, and within the budget. Their main concern was that we were happy with the work and time after time they proved to us that they were far and above the right construction company to do the job, and do it well. I would recommend AAA Construction to anyone, and I already have done so several times since.
Ellen Becker
Our realtor met John Walters of AAA Construction Restoration Services at a home show, where he was able to produce a bid on-the-spot for a new roof on our prospective dream house via satellite software on his computer. His professionalism and attention to detail interested us, and his responsiveness ensured that he was the contractor with whom we wanted to work. He came to a meeting between buyer's and seller's realtors at the house on short notice, discussed minor repairs that would be needed to be done in order to pass inspection, followed up with said repairs, and we were able to meet our closing date. In doing so, we were able to purchase our dream home! Since the closing, John's crews have worked diligently to get the new roof put on, the interior painted, and the floors refinished. Delays in progress were a result of the rainy season. His crews were friendly, professional, and nice to my kids. And our budget was always kept in consideration. John was always reachable during the course of the work, and made periodic visits to personally check on the quality, progress and our satisfaction. We will definitely work with him again on our next phase of home improvement, namely remodeling the kitchen.
Bernardo Schpilberg
We purchased a foreclosure in North Miami-Dade and knew that some work had to be done to the house. I interviewed 6 different roofers before choosing John and AAA. I had a huge concern with how much extra work it was goign to be, as all roofers always leave the contract open to the unknown. My concern was that a lot of the decking and facia was roted and the allowence in the contract would not cover all the work and the price would go up substancially. John and I came to an agreement, and the price was set as a final price with no surprises. John always kept me in the loop and his crew was curtious and thoughtfull of the work being done as to not upset the neighbors. We are very please with work and have awared John and AAA the job to do the work in our dream house. AAA, thank you for honesty and workmanship. The next three months are going to be great adn soon I will finally be able to move it. Thank you again.
Carlos and Shelley Echazabal
They were extremely accommodating and professional, they did what I considered above and beyond, taking care of the smallest details such as painting closet doors, and replacing broken light switch covers. They did all the work in a very fast controlled pace as to minimize the impact on my parents, whom are 87 and 90, and can be a challenge when it comes to change.They were all very kind, respectful and extremely patient when dealing with my parents. They worked long days and through the weekend in order to finish quickly so my parents could get back to their normal routine. I appreciate their hard work and never ending patience. Overall it was an excellent experience, I would not hesitate to recommend their services.
Christopher Hogan
I had some minor roof leakage and drywall wetting in an area less than 20 sq. ft. The estimate I received for the drywall damage was very high so I gave the job to a reputable handyman for half the price. Time will tell if I did the right thing. My greater concern was mold since my wife has C.O.P.D. AAA's analysis and proposal was comprehensive and professional and their proposal for this service did not seem out of line; AAA enjoys a very high reputation for mold remediation in every resourse I could find in Florida. After some inspections and conversations with contractor friends and the HOA property manager I read up online about mold and it's reemediation. I decided my damage did not require this service. I am not a professional and may have made a seriously bad decision. If it was major damage after a hurricane I would hire AAA without question.
Joe Sherman
I was in need of a prompt estimate on my roof. Despite having put in a tough and long day on the job already, John responded to my request quickly - coming out to my house within the hour. I was impressed with his ability to determine the condition of the roof quickly and accurately. He was clearly very knowledgeable and able to communicate directly and to the point. He told me all significant issues regarding the aging of the roof and the workmanship of the previous installation (pro and con) and offerred recommendations that made sense to me. I was also impressed with his honesty. He could have recommended a new roof immediately - but he told me the roof had about five additional years of life left in it. He is technically quite savvy - quickly drafting an estimate for any future work using software that calculates square footage from aerial photos. Also using that software, he could note the changing condition of the roof over several years. John was prompt, knowledgeable, professional and honest - a great combination for any contractor. I recommend him highly.
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